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Tanzania Bio-Electronics Information Organization(TBIO) is a non-Governmental Organization which is voluntarily established, legally registered, non-political and a Body Corporate with a common seal and perpetual succession capable of suing and being sued acquiring property and disposing of the same.
The activities of the Organization confined to Tanzania Mainland including but not limited to the thematic areas as follow:
  (1) Advocacy   (2) Democracy  (3) Human Rights  (4) Technical assistance (5) Disability and Development
g  (7) Data collection, analysis and dissemination  (8) Policy analysis and development (9) Sports and recreation  (10) Health.

TBIO vision is to envisage a society with effective and efficient health systems and services for realization of healthier community well being.

To enhance equality accessibility of health care delivery through skill capacitating,   information management and facilities development for sustainable livelihood.

TBIO was formed as another player among many trying to bridge the gap in the health care system in the country.  A thorough observation through situational analysis of the health care system culminated in the need to establish a parallel organization that will support the efforts of the government towards provision of quality health services.

 Being new as it is the organization registers its achievement through the long track records of its founder members who have vast experience in diverse areas and disciplines such as Medical, Medical engineer, Instructor, Information Technology, Laws, Project Management, Disability experience etc

All these members plus other co-opted members are pooling together their knowledge and skills in and converge the same in one major goal of supporting provision of quality and inclusive health system in the country.



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